Teacher Bear

February 26, 2015


I’m sitting in a Starbucks on my lunch hour. Usually, I sneak into one of the “focus rooms” at work and I try to get in a chapter or two of whatever book I’m reading. Yesterday was the last day of our sprint schedule (we work in an agile environment) so it was really hectic. Today is the first day of the new sprint – which means it is a little quieter. There was also a pretty serious weather advisory for the last few days in Atlanta, and as a precaution most people chose to work remotely. I decided to use today’s lunch hour to take a little breather and head out of the office. So, I’m in a Starbucks, and its a little too loud for me to get much reading done. Luckily I brought along my laptop, so I colored this little bear illustration I sketched the other day. I’ve been trying to scan in more of my characters so that I can practice turning them  into illustrations. Today was this little Teacher Bear’s turn. Anybody have any name ideas?

Happy Making!



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