I Like Big Buttons

February 18, 2015


I’ve freed another project from my needles! I love this one. It’s a neck warmer made out of yarn I bought in North Carolina when I went to visit my little brother before his second deployment. He just got home from his fourth deployment…so that should tell you something about how long I’ve had this yarn. bigbuttons_web3

I used a pattern for the textured ribbing. And I bought these big buttons from JoAnn Fabrics before we left PA.  bigbuttons_web1

We’re planning a trip back to PA in few weeks so I’m hoping to get the rest of my half-done knits complete. That way I can take them all back to PA and let my family and friends pick which ones they want to keep. Again – not much use for all of these in PA – so I want to make sure someone can enjoy them.  bigbuttons_web4


Happy Making!



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