Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle

January 31, 2015


The first month of The Daily Make has come and gone! I’ll admit, having the discipline to do this every day has been a challenge, but I’m looking forward to seeing where the year takes me.

To celebrate the first month of TDM I finished a fun lettering project to remind me to keep on working. I knew I wanted to letter out the phrase “Good things come to those who hustle.” I had fun experimenting with different ways to play up the different words.


In the end, my favorite sketches were the ones that played up the word “hustle” and disco. It reminded me to have fun with my work. Keep it funny, quirky, and take a dance break if necessary.


I inked up the pieces separately so when I scanned them in things wouldn’t be connected. Then I played around with different colors and textures in Illustrator and Photoshop.


My favorite combination is the teal one (top) but this purple one is a close second. Do you have a favorite?

hustle_1_web Happy Making!




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