Giant Purple Scarf

February 24, 2015

giantpurplescarf_web Another one bites the dust. I spent all night on this – and it was so worth it. This baby is definitely going back to PA with me next week. My mom definitely needs it while she’s dealing with the negative temperatures.  giantpurplescarf2_web This took 4 big skeins of chunky yarn and was knit garter stitch on big needles. It wraps around my neck 3 times and is so big it barely fits under any of my coats.  giantpurplescarf1_web I only have 2 projects left undone – a sock that I’m going to work on tomorrow, and an afghan I’ve been crocheting that will take a whole lot longer than just a few more days. I didn’t realize how exciting it would be to finish all of these. I’ve been looking at them as old, boring projects – but its so exciting to be able to knit for a few hours and then have this huge finished thing… Also, it’s been a little cold and Jasmin has really been into watching movies in the evening. I’ve seen 5 of the Rocky movies, a documentary about dinosaurs, a few Pens games, and Source Code. That’s WAY more TV than I’m used to. So it’s nice to have a warm snuggly thing at the end.




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