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January 6, 2015


Most people who know me know that I’ve moved away from bread over the last year or so. I don’t live 100% gluten-free, but I strive towards it. I started moving towards the Paleo lifestyle after a friend started talking nutrition with me. Then I read Grain Brain and really got serious about it. I’ve suffered from migraines for most of my life, and cleaning up my diet was starting to help. I’d gone from having a migraine a week to a migraine a month. But once I stopped eating gluten and wheat products they stopped all together. It was amazing. It isn’t an instant thing for me – so if I eat a piece of bread I’m not immediately crippled by a migraine – but after a few days of eating poorly I’ll start feeling the “warm-up headaches.” So I’ve really tried to stay away from it.


That said, Jasmin loves bread. His family makes homemade bread every week. It’s something that is served at most meals, and he sees it as part of his culture. A few years ago I was really into bread-making. But even then I used a recipe and followed a long process. Then his mother showed me how they make their bread and it was a lot easier and simpler, so I started making it that way. But after going gluten-free I stopped. I haven’t made Jasmin bread in over a year, which was always fine because we lived so close to his parents. We’d have dinner at their place once a week and he’d get his fill of homemade bread then. Since moving to Atlanta, he’s been bread deprived. So I went ahead and made him two loaves tonight. He’s already eaten one and I don’t imagine the second one will last long – which is good, because despite the risk of migraines I have ZERO control around fresh bread.


Making something is always worth it when it makes someone else happy.

Happy Making!