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Crazy Head Pincushion

January 11, 2015


So, here’s what happened. I needed a pincushion. For the longest time I’ve been sticking pins into this styrofoam cone that I had lying around. It was nice because it sat on my sewing table, and I could just stick pins through the foam. But it was getting beaten up and parts of it were falling out, so I went to Hobby Lobby to buy a new one. Then I saw this giant styrofoam head and thought “Oh, that’s WAY cooler!” So I bought it. It didn’t stand up as nicely though so I glued it to a round piece of wood I had. At that point it looked a little junky, so I spray painted it yellow…which…kind of, sort of worked. The spray paint started melting parts of the styrofoam – so lesson learned there – but not so much that it really bothers me.

I love this thing. I absolutely love everything about it. I texted a picture of it to my brother who laughed and said it looked like Hellraiser. Then he laughed because he knew I wouldn’t know who that was. (I looked it up…and it almost ruined this for me…but I’ve blocked it out so that I won’t get scared of my pincushion…) If anyone else has any other crazy pincushions they use I’d love to see them!

Happy Making!