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Wire Rings

January 7, 2015

rings_lead_web Tonight we got home from work a little late. After cooking dinner, packing lunches, cleaning up, working out, and showering the night felt basically over. I still wanted to get my Daily Make in so I decided to take on something kind of small. There just happens to be a Penguins hockey game on TV (which is actually a pretty big treat here in Atlanta) so Jasmin is glued to the couch. Normally, I’d sit next to him and knit, but I’ve been doing so much knitting lately I didn’t feel excited about it. Since the whole goal of The Daily Make is to get me feeling inspired and creative I decided against doing any kind of “making” that I didn’t feel really good about.


So I flipped through my instagram feed (I follow a ton of artists) to see if anything sparked my interest. And I saw a post by an old college friend who makes beautiful wire rings. I pulled out some jewelry wire and beads and took over the coffee table next to Jasmin. Sam’s rings are great, but I couldn’t figure out how she was wrapping them, so I looked up a tutorial online that showed me some basic steps and I wrapped up a few rings.


They’re far from perfect, and definitely not up to the same standards as Sam’s rings, but they’re kind of nice. I still need practice, but these are a few of the rings I made tonight while watching the Pens game. Not too shabby. Plus I learned a new technique – which is always good.


If you’re interested in the tutorial I used you can find it here. Also, the video mentions needing a ring sizer. I don’t have one, so I just used a round sharpie that was about the same size as my finger, and it worked just fine.


Happy Making!



Pink Wire Earrings

January 3, 2015


We moved recently (from Pittsburgh to Atlanta) which means we had to pack up everything we own, and then unpack it again. I’ve moved about 3 times in the last 4 years, and there’s really no getting around it – moving is unpleasant. Nobody likes moving. (If you do, call me, because I’ll probably be moving again in another year.) The one positive of moving is it forces you to go through everything and clean things out. You come across stuff you didn’t even remember you had. That was the case with some of my jewelry supplies. I had wire and beads I’d totally forgotten about. So when I unpacked these things in Atlanta I put them out in my studio to remember to use them.


I like making jewelry for a few reasons. First of all, I like the idea of color and unique pieces – but I don’t actually like wearing them. I like to buy bright fabric and yarn because I’m attracted to it, but when it comes to actually wearing a bright pink dress or a lime green scarf – that doesn’t really work for me. With jewelry, I can make something unique and colorful and still feel OK wearing it if my clothes are understated enough.


I also like the idea of small, manageable projects (especially when I’ve challenged myself to make something every day). I did spend a decent amount of time working on these, because I didn’t really have an idea in mind when I started. I’m also a little rusty on my wire wrapping skills so I burned through a few duds before I got two earrings that matched and looked the way I wanted them to. I definitely like them, and I’m definitely inspired to start thinking of other wire projects to make. I’ve also got more supplies to get through – so we’ll see where my bead box takes me.


Happy Making!