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Good Things Are Coming…

March 11, 2015


So, granted, this thing doesn’t look like much now. But I’m working on a few projects that I want a super handmade feel to…so I’m doing some lettering sets that are really unrefined. I think this is going to look cool once its done.

Happy Making!




January 26, 2015

I posted a bunch of magnets I made last week. That project was inspired by my new go-to sketching project, which is drawing different faces over and over again. When I first started doing this I’d get stuck, but now I can draw a bunch of different characters without even thinking about it. And I’m always surprised by what comes out of these exercises. I did a bunch today (with pencil, pen and marker) and I think I got some good ones. I’m also really starting to like the idea of these sheets as a pattern. It would be so cool to get fabric printed with these on them and make a bag or skirt out of them.

facesdoodle1_web facesdoodles5_web facesdoodles2_web facesdoodles3_web facesdoodles4_web

Character Magnets

January 17, 2015

facemagnets_detail_web2 I’ve been doodling characters in my sketchbook for a while now. It’s sort of my go-to doodle when I can’t think of anything. I’ll draw 15 ovals on a page and start filling in different facial features. It’s also one way I’m trying to practice and develop my personal style for illustrations.  facemagnets_all_web1 But today I was inspired by something I saw in one of my old art magazines. It was an artist that uses polymer clay to make these fantastic broaches. She makes birds and animals usually. So I got the idea to make a few broaches for myself, but I didn’t want to just copy her style, so I flipped through my sketchbook to see if anything popped out at me. My characters were everywhere, and I picked a few of my favorites to create.
I was also a little inspired by some of the puppets on Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. I was hoping my characters would turn out with a similar “creepiness factor.”


As it turns out, I don’t actually have the pin backs to make broaches, so I glued on some magnets instead. And I love them. They’re even better as magnets than they would have been as broaches.

Happy Making!



Origami Cubes

January 16, 2015

paper_cube_garland1_web It’s Friday night and I’m home alone. One of Jasmin’s good friends is getting married this weekend and he’s in the wedding, which means he’s back in Pittsburgh, performing official groomsman duties. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the trip up. And while I do miss all of our friends and family, I’m looking at the bright side of things and focusing on the fact that I’ll have an entire weekend to do basically whatever I want.  paper_cubes_stacked_web2 So far, “whatever I want” included dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant, 4 hours at Barnes and Noble, an expensive latte, two new books, and a new pair of boots. Now, normally when I go to Barnes and Noble, I’m not alone. I’m typically with Jasmin or someone else that I’ve tricked into stopping into the store while we were out doing other things. So I always feel like there is some sort of time restriction on the trip. But today, there wasn’t one. So I spent a lot of time looking through books, reading things I wouldn’t normally read, and walking through sections I’ve never bothered with. I ended up reading a few things in the poetry section, a bunch of kids’ books, and flipping through an origami magazine.  paper_cube_stacked_web1 I didn’t buy the origami magazine (because I already have 3 books on my shelves and a big stack of unused paper) but it did inspire me to want to try some origami when I got home. I’ve done origami before, but for some reason I’ve always wanted to “save” my “good” origami paper. For what? I have no idea. I’ve had some of this paper for years, so I pulled some sheets out and made a few basic geometric shapes. This cube is harder than it looks, but not so hard that a beginner couldn’t figure it out. Also, there’s a youtube video for everything, and sometimes that’s the easiest way to learn new skills.
You could use these cubes for a number of things but I chose to string mine up like garland. I’ve also always wanted to make one of those walls filled with paper cranes, so that might be on my project list sometime soon. paper_cube_stacked_web3


Happy Making!



Painted Animal Jars

January 15, 2015


Pinterest has been getting some hate recently. Some people say that it promotes unhealthy ideals for what things and life should be like. Personally, I don’t think it’s any different than buying magazines because we want to “get the look” or make “17 DIY projects for your dinning room” or aspire to cook that perfect lasagna dish on the cover. For me, pinterest is a useful bookmarking tool – and when it comes to visual inspiration, it’s become my new “Google image search.” Meaning, if I want to make an illustration about insects, instead of going to Google images to search bugs, I’ll do it within pinterest. It’s easier for me to save and organize these images later on.


That said, I do pin a TON of crafts and DIY projects. Again, I think this is fine, as long as I’m utilizing this resource. Pinning things I’ll never make for 4 hours a day isn’t the best use of my time – so I try to limit my time online and make a lot of the projects or recipes I’ve pinned.


This project is one of the many I’ve pinned, and I’m so happy I made it. These jars really brighten up my shelves and I’m going to love them for storing my beads. I won’t site a source here, only because there are so many versions of this project online – and I have no idea what the original one is. But if you’re looking for a tutorial on these you can just search “animal jars DIY” and a bunch will pop up.


I chose these colors because they are bright and happy (and because these are the colors of spray paint I already had) but I’ve seen them done in white, gold, and neons. You can choose whatever works best for you and your home.

paintedanimaljars_group_web Happy Making!