642 Things To Draw | Rolling Pin

February 27, 2015


I bought the book 642 Things to Draw a while ago. It’s literally a book filled with nouns that I planned on using to start practicing my drawing skills. I’ve found that I’ll practice drawing a few different things over and over again (like eyes, or faces, or fruit) and I’ll get decent at drawing those things – but then they’ll all start looking the same. It’s almost like my mind decides what they look like, and I practice drawing them that way, and then I stop really looking at the thing or shape. I like this book because it’s filled with objects that I don’t typically spend a lot of time looking at, so it forces me to really observe their shape.

There are also a few drawing ideas that force you to be a creative. For example, one page tells you to draw “electricity.” So, that’s a noun, but most of us haven’t really seen electricity in the same way we see an apple or a toothbrush. So you have to make a few decisions on how you’re going to draw that.

This is the first prompt on the first page (a rolling pin). I scanned it into photoshop to practice with. The original sketch is below.


I also want to point out that I’m SO DEDICATED to the The Daily Make project that I got up an hour early to get this in. I’ve got an exciting day planned today! I’m starting out with a lecture hosted by Creative Mornings Atlanta. This is the first one I’ll be attending, but I’ve watched a lot of the older ones online. You can see most of the talks from around the world on the Creative Mornings website under talks. I’m so into stuff like this. It’s free knowledge! Just like Ted Talks or educational Youtube channels, or awesome NPR podcasts. But, since they always happen on a weekday morning I haven’t attended the last few because I’m at work. Today, I have the day off so I’m heading to this lecture series, hopping on the MARTA and (hopefully) going to the airport to fly back to PA. I’m such a city slicker today! Atlanta art talk, public transportation, airport, flight, airport, Pittsburgh, bowling with friends, late dinner and drinks with family. Today, is going to be great. Not to mention, I got to start it out with drawing.

Happy Making!



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