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Welcome to The Daily Make

December 31, 2014

Hello! Welcome to The Daily Make. My name is Mary Larter and I am an artist, designer and blogger currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout my career I’ve worked as an art director, graphic designer, web designer and user experience designer. I’ve spent time in both the print and online industries, for small companies and really large ones. And, like a lot of people, I’m currently spending Monday through Friday fighting traffic and working hard for the money – and “The Man” – in a cubicle.

Do More of What You Love

Regardless of where or how I’ve worked I’ve always found something inherently valuable in practicing creativity, self-expression, and play. So I’m starting this blog as a challenge to myself to make time for these things every single day – no matter what. I love knitting, crocheting, embroidery, home-cooked meals, homegrown vegetables, sewing, painting, doodling, taking pictures, learning new things and anything handmade. (You can expect to find all of these things here throughout the next year.) And even though I get paid to be creative, I find I get more energy and enjoyment out of personal projects and random classes I take.

The Challenge

So I’m challenging myself – and anyone who wants to join me – to spend time actually making something every single day. 2015 is going to be The Year of The Daily Make. I’m not going to get super nit-picky about how I make things. Basically, if I use my hands and end up with something that wasn’t there yesterday, it counts. And even if it sucks and is falling apart I’m still posting it, and it still counts. This challenge is about creativity – not perfection. And while I’m hoping to post a lot of finished projects, progress counts too. There are some things that just can’t be made in a day.

C’mon. It’ll Be Fun.

Everyone is capable of creativity. Whoever you are, whatever you have, whatever your skill level – you can think up fun projects, you can build things, you can create. And then, you can keep doing it until you get better. I believe creativity and craft are learned skills, not elite gifts. Granted, some people are better at the hand-eye coordination part than others – but we’re all artists. So I hope you’ll join me on this adventure. And I hope you’ll find the beauty and value in everything you make along the way. (That’s my goal at least.) It’ll be fun. I promise.

I’d also love if you shared your own projects, inspiration, and even just said hi! It’s always nice to find out someone other than your mom is reading your blog. (Hi Mom!) You can reach me at

Happy Making! And I’ll see you next year. 🙂